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New Portal opens for Iwerks & Stan Lee

Iwerks Entertainment, Inc., an international leader in location-basedentertainment attractions, and Stan Lee Media, Inc., comic book icon StanLee's Internet entertainment company, are making Web history by molding the firsttheme park and specialty attraction experiences for the out-of-home market,based on Stan Lee's Internet entertainment material. Lee's Web-based superheroes will be brought to ride simulations, 3D/4D FX attractions and largescreen venues by Iwerks. Lee, in the first quarter of 2000, will launch hisfirst new super hero franchise in over twenty years with the creation ofInternet-based comic 7TH PORTAL. "Everyone is trying to figure out thepromise the Internet holds for their industry," said Chuck Goldwater,Iwerks' president and chief executive officer. "Stan is a global popculture icon, and the 7TH PORTAL will reinforce that status as Stan helpsto transform the Internet -- and theme park rides -- in much the same wayhe transformed comic books and animation." This hefty partnership of aworld leader in theme park ride creation and the genius behind Spider-manand the X-men, coupled with the promise of the Internet could spell onegigantic hero's welcome by Iwerks and Stan Lee Media, Inc. shareholders.

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