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A New Kind of Hero Emerges in ‘Doomstar: Janitorial’

Cory Edwards will write and direct sci-fi animated comedy, the tale of one space janitor’s journey to save his planet

A new kind of hero’s journey is coming to theaters… viva la janitor! Director Cory Edwards (Hoodwinked!, Fearless) has been signed to write and direct the sci-fi animated comedy Doomstar: Janitorial.

“Gabe is a lowly janitor on a powerful space station. When his own planet becomes the next target, Gabe and his blue-collar buddies attempt to sabotage the whole place. Aliens will chase them. Robots will taser them. But there’s nothing these guys can’t clean up.”

“This one is special. It’s a script I’ve been working on for a long time, something I’ve wanted to make for several years,” Edwards tells Deadline. “It’s really my love letter to 80s sci-fi, and pulling from touchstone comedies like Ghostbusters and Galaxy Quest. There will be lazy robots, there will be alien karaoke, there be janitors cleaning up acid blood. My goal is to fill the cast with as many funny people as possible and let them play a lot.”

While Hoodwinked! arrived at the forefront of 3D animated feature films in 2005, it’s unclear what style Edwards will employ for Doomstar. Digital animation has come a long way since then, so we’re excited to see what the team will cook up with their reported $20-25 million budget.

Vanguard Animation will team up with DNEG Feature Animation to produce the film. Peter Seaman (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Shrek 3) will executive produce alongside producers John Williams (Shrek) and Tom Jacomb, while Carter Goodrich (Despicable Me) is set to work on character design. No production timeline or release date has been announced.

Meanwhile, Edwards’ Fearless, about a teen gamer forced to level up to full-time babysitter when his favorite video game drops three superpowered infants from space into his backyard, is set to premiere August 14 on Netflix.

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