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New John Kricfalusi Short To Air On Cartoon Network!

Attention John K. fans! Adult Swim, Cartoon Networks programming block for adults, is presenting two classic John Kricfalusi shorts and one brand new one, based on the Hanna-Barbera series YOGI BEAR and THE JETSONS. In "Ranger Smith," the intrepid park ranger rules Jellystone Park with an iron fist. "Boo Boo Runs Wild" finds Yogi's sidekick shedding his bow-tie to get back to his ursine roots, much to Yogi's dismay. And in the last, brand new cartoon, George and Elroy Jetson bond through shaving in "Father and Son Day." The shorts will air at 11:00 pm Sunday, March 10, during the regular Adult Swim programming block, which includes series like SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST, HOME MOVIES, BABY BLUES and THE BRAK SHOW.

Late Nite With Space Ghost. Who is behind this spandex-clad leader of late night? Heather Kenyoninvestigates with help from Cartoon Network's Michael Lazzo, SeniorVice President, Programming and Production.

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