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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Graphic Designers, Visual Artists And More

St. Louis, Missouri-based Technisonic Studios is looking for 3D ANIMATORS. . . Lombard, Illinois-based Big Idea Productions Inc. is looking for 3D MODELING SUPERVISORS. . . Max Ink Cafe, LLC is looking for 3D MAX CHARACTER ANIMATORS and MODELERS to animate CG characters for game cinematics, and a SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR to maintain NT operating system and network. . .Santa Monica, California-based Zeros & Ones Inc., a rapidly-growing broadband company, is looking for ANIMATORS for a Web-based animated series and DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANTS for TV and Web animation. . . North Hollywood, California-based BVPI is looking for FLASH ANIMATORS for Web cartoon animation projects. . . Dallas, Texas-based Howie & Sweeney, a law firm, is looking for a FORENSIC ANIMATOR for re-creation animation for national legal cases. . . East Providence, Rhode Island-based WPRI/WNAC-TV is looking for a GRAPHIC ANIMATOR & DESIGNER to create news, programming and sales graphics.

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