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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

West Midlands, England's Artworld Studios, one of the UK's leading producers of animation for television, film, video games and rendered comics, is looking for ANIMATORS, COMICS AND GAME ARTISTS. . . Montreal, Quebec, Canada's Crater Software Inc., developers of CTP Pro, a 2D cel-animation software, is looking for a PRODUCT MANAGER. . . North Hollywood, California's Film Roman, an independent producer of animated, live-action and Internet programming, is looking for a PROP DESIGNER for the "King Of The Hill" television series. . . Berlin, Germany's Hahn Film AG, one of the leading animation companies in Europe, is looking for a DIRECTOR for a 52 x 11 minute television series and a PRODUCTION MANAGER. . . Los Angeles, California's Happy Hour Media Staffing, a talent agency representing graphic designers, Web designers, animators and other creatives in the media industries, is looking for an experienced 3D ANIMATOR to work with an art director and a designer on a 2 to 3-month CD-Rom project. . . San Rafael, California's LucasArts Entertainment LLC, a leading international developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for computer and console platforms, is looking for a 3D MODELER CHARACTER, CHARACTER TECHNICAL DIRECTOR and SPECIAL EFFECTS ARTIST. . .Venice, California's Modern Cartoons, a company producing capture animation integrated with live-action elements, is looking for a PRODUCTION COORDINATOR for a CGI/live-action television children's show. . . El Segundo, California's Moon Crescent Studios, an independent film studio currently working on an animated feature film, is looking for a LAYOUT ARTIST to work primarily with digital cinematography and choreography in a computer-generated 3D environment. . . Luxembourg's Oniria Pictures, an audiovisual production company specializing in animation, is looking for an ANIMATION SUPERVISOR and a DIRECTOR ASSISTANT, both with experience in traditional and 3D animation. . . Agoura Hills, California's The Krislin Company is looking for a 3D SENIOR TECHNICAL DIRECTOR for an upcoming CGI animated television series. . . San Francisco, California's Wild Brain Inc., a premiere animation studio, is looking for a SENOIR DIGITAL INK & PAINT COMPOSITOR/CAMERA.

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