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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

Beverly Hills, California-based Dali Media Inc., a new media production company, is looking for 2D/3D CHARACTER ANIMATORS willing to work in and/or learn Flash for a freelance/staff position. . . New York-based Pratt Institute is looking for a 3D STUDIO MAX INSTRUCTOR. . . Seattle-based AtomFilms, a leader in next generation entertainment, is looking for an ANIMATION ACQUISITIONS MANAGER. . . Milano, Italy-based Green Movie Group, an independent film production and post-production company, is looking for an ANIMATION SUPERVISOR to work on a large scale animated feature film project. . . London, UK-based PC+, a small animation and web design company, is looking for a CHARACTER ANIMATOR, preferably with Maya experience, to work on a 40 x 6 educational series for broadcast TV. . . Infinate Productions is looking for ready made CREATIVE ANIMATION to be shown as part of a live event that is going to be filmed. . . San Francisco, California-based, a top greeting card Web site, is looking for a FLASH CARTOONIST to animate and create interactive cards and games, using original and existing characters. . . Bionic Digital, a company generating playback (console) graphics for feature films, is looking for FREELANCE DESIGNERS and ANIMATORS for the Hollywood subsidiary of their London-based company. . . Burbank, California-based Walt Disney Feature Animation and The Secret Lab, the VFX division of the Walt Disney Co., are looking for GRAPHIC SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS to redefine cutting edge technology. . . Ideas To Go, a growing digital effects company specializing in commercials and theme park ride films, is looking for a MAYA CHARACTER ANIMATOR and a MAYA EFFECTS ANIMATOR to animate effects in commercials. . . Unbound Studios is looking for a PRODUCTION ASSISTANT to assist in the production of online games and animation. . . Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada-based NBCC Miramichi, an adult training institution, is looking for TRADITIONAL and COMPUTERIZED ANIMATION INSTRUCTORS.

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