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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England's Smartdog, a gaming company that is part of the Titus/Virgin/Interplay group, is looking for 3D MODELERS and TEXTURERS to work on their state of the art PSXII title. . . Victoria, British Columbia, Canada's Disney Interactive is looking for an ANIMATION LEAD/INTERACTIVE to overview the entire animation process from pre-production design to delivery of final post-production animations. . . London, UK's Granada Media, one of the biggest TV production companies in the UK, is looking for an ANIMATOR. . . Fremont, California's The Learning Company, a leading marketer and developer of educational software, is looking for an entry-level ARTIST and a STAFF ARTIST. . . FCA Studios, a service provider for animation production houses, is looking for a freelance traditional & digital BACKGROUND ARTIST. . . München, Germany's Papa Löwe Filmproduktion GmbH, is looking for a COMPOSITOR (ANIMO) who likes to work in the 2D industry. . . Kirkland, Washington's Escape Factory, Ltd., a video game studio, is looking for an ENVIRONMENTAL ARTIST and a SENIOR LEVEL DESIGNER for character-based platform games. . . New York's Registered Films, a full television and media production and post-production company specializing in animation and visual effects, is looking for a FLASH ANIMATOR. . . Nelvana Ltd., Canada's largest animation studio and international producer of programming, is looking for NEW MEDIA DESIGNERS and PROGRAMMERS to create interactive animated Websites and interactive games, and a PROGRAMMER/JR. SYSTEMS ANALYST to assist in creating integrated Web applications for the company's intranet and Internet. . . Luxembourg's Oniria Pictures, an audiovisual production company specializing in animation, is looking for TRADITIONAL ANIMATORS to work for one month on a trailer for an animated TV series, utilizing realistic characters.

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