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New Dragon Ball Z Video Releases

FUNimation Productions Ltd. has announced a slate of upcoming DRAGON BALL Z home video releases. OnApril 17, 2001, edited and uncut versions of DRAGON BALL Z PERFECTCELL - TEMPTATION and DRAGON BALL Z PERFECT CELL - PERFECTION arescheduled for release. Scheduled for release on May 15, 2001, areDRAGON BALL Z GREAT SAIYAMAN - CRASH COURSE and DRAGON BALL Z WORLDTOURNAMENT - JUNIOR DIVISION, also in both edited and uncut versions.The videos will retail for $14.95 edited and $19.95 uncut. DRAGONBALL Z PERFECT CELL - TEMPTATION's storyline includes three segmentsin which Vegeta is tempted to fight Cell. In DRAGON BALL Z PERFECTCELL - PERFECTION, also with three segments, Cell strives to reachhis "perfect" form and Gohan becomes a Super Saiyan. DRAGON BALL ZGREAT SAIYAMAN - CRASH COURSE, shows the heroes as they prepare forthe World Martial Arts Tournament. DRAGON BALL Z WORLD TOURNAMENT -JUNIOR DIVISION begins the World Martial Arts Tournament.

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