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New DCU to Focus on Young Superman, Sans Henry Cavill

Co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn reveals the new DCU will include a ‘Young Superman’ feature penned by Gunn, with the possibility for the ‘Man of Steel’ actor to re-enter the franchise in the future.

Henry Cavill has officially been handed some kryptonite and shown the door. Co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn has begun to share glimpses of the new DCU, and not all news is good news. While Superman will be a fixture in the cinematic universe going forward, Cavill will not portray the raven-haired refugee from Krypton (for now).

While a younger Superman will be interesting to see (we’re getting some major Smallville vibes), losing Cavill is disappointing after the recent Man of Steel 2 tease. However, Clark Kent must age eventually, and perhaps Cavill will don the bright red cape and undies eventually. Gunn hints further down the Twitter chain that he has spoken about a “number of exciting possibilities to work together in the future” with the Man of Steel actor, so not all is lost.

Interestingly, Gunn also revealed via the Twitter chain he will pen the upcoming flick, which has been in development for a while (and it will not be a rehashed origin story).

How do you feel about Cavill’s exit? A fresh new start, or a bad omen for what’s to come?

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