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New ‘COVID-19 The Series’ Episode Shows There’s a Little ‘Captain Quarantine’ In All of Us

Alvaro Garcia Gonzalez’s latest short captures the animated hopes and dreams of the coronavirus fighter in all of us, especially those who play flamenco guitar.  

Born from months in isolation, like so many coronavirus-inspired projects, Alvaro Garcia Gonzalez’s latest 2D short, Captain Quarantine, the fifth episode of his COVID-19 The Series humorous animated series, begs the question: what superhero powers would you use to combat the COVID-19 pandemic?

Gonzalez, based in Spain, had been working on an animated series pilot set for screening at several festivals, all subsequently canceled due to the pandemic. Stuck at home, he decided on a project that might make living in isolation a bit more entertaining, while sharing with audiences the importance of taking an active role in fighting the spread of COVID-19.

For each of the five episodes, Gonzalez handled everything: writing, animation, sound, and editing. Unable to access his normal audio gear, he recorded dialogue with a cell phone. Productions were quick: scripts in a day or two, a week for animation, and three to four days for editing, depending upon the episode.

After working in the US, UK and Spain on various feature film projects, Gonzalez has been focusing the past few years solely on animation, hoping to make it back to LA soon once the industry gets back to work.

You can find the other four COVID-19 The Series episodes on the director’s YouTube Channel as well as his Instagram:



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