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New Cinegroupe Series Coming To Teletoon And Fox Family Channel.

CineGroupe has recently announced that production has started on 26episodes of WHAT'S WITH ANDY, a new half-hour animated series set topremier Fall, 2001 on Canada's TELETOON and the Fox Family Channel inthe U.S. The series, based on the "Just" series of books written byAndy Griffith, chronicles the life of teenager Andy Larkin, aself-proclaimed master prankster whose goal is to be the greatestpractical joker in the world, though his schemes backfire every time.Realized primarily in 2D animation, the series also incorporates ablack and white story-telling style dubbed "Doodle Vision," ananimation technique where action is frozen while Andy explains what'sabout to happen. The new series is being produced by CineGroupe'sMichel Lemire (KIDS FROM ROOM 402, LION OF OZ, HEAVY METAL F.A.K.K.2)and directed by Tim Deacon (LION OF OZ). According to Marie-ClaudeBeauchamp, executive vice president of development and productionfinanciang, "We are delighted to continue our relationship withTELETOON with whom we have long enjoyed a successful partnership withnumerous series including MEGA BABIES, which was the network's numberone new show in its first season."

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