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New CG-Animated Feature, ‘Where’s the Dragon?’ Launching in China

CG-animated family adventure from China is set to premiere in Beijing on October 14; nationwide release follows beginning October 23.

As China studios continue expanding their capabilites to produce top-quality CG animation, a new animated family feature, Where’s the Dragon?, is preparing to make a splash. Distributed in China by SMI Movie Distribution Company Ltd., the film is set to premiere in Beijing on October 14, with nationwide release set for October 23.

Based on the legendary Zodiac characters from Chinese folk culture, the 3D-animated Where’s the Dragon? is written and directed by Sing Choong Foo, winner of the Golden Horse Award for Best Visual Effects for the film Silk, and co-directed by Betty Tang.

The story follows a human girl, Zhen, or Jen, who must find the Dragon missing from the Chinese Zodiac in order to restore harmony on Earth, and in her own home. An entertaining mix of culture, myth and modern-day, real-world themes, Where’s the Dragon? is focused on relationships with family and friends.

Check out the trailer in the player below:

Co-presented by DeTao Group, Gems Tree Movie & TV Tech Co., Ltd., Where’s the Dragon Co. Ltd., and Caihong Engineering Co., Ltd., the family adventure is produced by the DeTao Group and Treasure Tree Studios Inc. alongside Hong Kong-based Where’s The Dragon Ltd. and Colour Engineering Ltd.

The all-star Chinese voice cast includes Ziyi Zhang, LeeHom Wang, Michael Wang, Fish Leong and Leon Dai.

Here’s the official synopsis:

The Zodiac Dragon is missing, and the World plunges into chaos. Jen, a righteous ten year-old girl, must join forces with the legendary Zodiac Animals to find Dragon, restore order to the world, and save humanity.

When the Jade Emperor hears of Dragon’s five hundred year disappearance, impetuously he declares he is hosting a race, opened to creatures of all kinds, to replace the existing Zodiac.  Harmony on Earth is severely threatened.

But wait, behind the entire calamity is a demonic Roach King conspiring a coup d’état of the entire Zodiac. Cockroaches! Millions and millions of cockroaches, ready to rule the World!

On the day Jen inadvertently finds a Dragon scale, she encounters three talking animals -- a Pig, a Sheep, and a Horse - three of the twelve Zodiacs. Apparently, the scale is the only clue to Dragon’s whereabouts.  And to battle Roach King, Jen and the three have to find and unite the rest of the original Zodiac -- Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Monkey, Rooster, and Dog.

Together, they embark on a journey that though dangerous, turns out to be rewardingly heartwarming.

While there’s no word yet on a release date outside of China, Distribution Workshop Ltd. in Hong Kong is handling international marketing and sales. Where’s the Dragon? is definitely one to watch.

Source: DeTao Group

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