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New Broadcasters For Zorro: Generation Z

BKN announced that several additional broadcasters have acquired the TV rights to its ZORRO: GENERATION Z property.

Telecinco and Clan TV/TVE in Spain, POP Channel in the U.K., ATV in Hong Kong, Star TV in Greece, SABC in South Africa, Solimac in Malaysia and TV7 in Bulgaria, have all signed up for this animated series (26x22) aimed at boys and girls ages 6 to 12.

These broadcasters join previously announced MBC and Falcon Films in UAE and Middle East, Foxtel in Australia, Record TV in Brasil, Mediaset in Italy, Telemundo in USA, CTC in Russia, TMC in Turkey and Faimead in Africa.

BKN has launched a full licensing program after appointing Gulliver for master toy distribution and appointing a number of new licensing agents. The agents include Black and White in Greece, ITC in Brazil and Kidz Entertainment in Russia and Eastern Europe with many more to be named prior to the New York Licensing Show in June, where BKN is hosting an event on Tuesday, June 10 to introduce the brand to the broader market.

BKN handles licensing in house via its in-house staffs in London and Barcelona, where it has already named a number of licensees in key markets including Scalextric for racing cars in Spain, Gim for back-to-school products in Greece and KG Line for back-to-school products in Brazil. BKN is looking to appoint toy distributors in each country who will be able to acquire the product from Gulliver FOB China (Gulliver holds Brazilian distribution rights).