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New Art Conservation Website

Need cel preservation and animation art market advice? Then check out Ron Barbagallo's newly launched Website, As director of Animation Art Conservation, Barbagallo is one of the leading authorities on the materials used in the production of animation art. Barbagallo operates a conservation practice located near the animation studios in Toluca Lake, California, devoted to the ethical repair and preservation of classic animation art. His site is the first to have authorized use of copyrighted Disney images and displays category-by-category his efforts in animation art repair.

During his career, Barbagallo has repaired art work for Walt Disney Feature Animation, Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, United Productions of American (UPA), Christie's East, Linda Jones Enterprises, museums, galleries, private collectors worldwide and the personal collections of Stephen Ison and Roy E. Disney.

On the site, Barbagallo showcases his work repairing damaged animation art, as well as his writing and speaking accomplishments. The site also offers a chronological listing of articles, which documents the history of the animation art market over the past decade. The newest of these articles showcases current animation art; and reviews the careers of Ruth Clampett, Laura Kessler, Merrie Lasky and Linda Jones Clough.