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New Animation World Mag Acrobat Edition Now on Virtual Shelves!

It's time to download your copy of the latest Acrobat edition of ANIMATION WORLD MAGAZINE while it's still available for free. This edition covers pitching and development. Tom Sito highlights a bit of the history of pitching in addition to some classic pitching disasters from Walt's days to today. Joe Strike chats with a few top execs to collect the stories of their "worst pitch ever." Janet Hetherington investigates the stories behind several successful pitches, including an animated owl, an obsessed scout, a mad scientist and some talented talking dogs. Karen Raugust looks at how portable devices have enhanced producers' and distributors' ability to pitch their properties at trade shows. In an extra bonus, John Cawley chronicles the many lives of Scooby-Doo as the character remains a top franchise more than 40 years since its debut.

In columns, this month, Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman reflects on how Woody Woodpecker helped save his life -- literally. Mark Simon returns to this month's "Mind Your Business" as the "quick on the draw" deputy of Freelance, Texas, answering the age old question -- "how much should I charge for my services?" Joseph Gilland reminisces about his move into the sweet home of animation in this month's "Animated Scene." Career Coach Pamela Kleibrink Thompson makes us think about the gifts we have and how we can give a bit of ourselves during the holiday season.

In reviews, Andrew Osmond encounters more than just animated encounters in Bristol this year, as Encounters 2006 showcases both animation and live-action. For anime reviews this month, Chris Feldman takes a look at recent releases, NINJA NONSENSE volumes 1-4 and BLEACH volume 1. Taylor Jessen chats with filmmaker Don McWilliams about a giant box set for giant of animation Norman McLaren. Libby Reed cracks open Amid Amidi's latest book, CARTOON MODERN, to tell us whether it's the new sensation or an old rehash. Tom Sito's new book chronicles the history of the Animation Union. Reed has read it and tells us whether it's worth putting on your wish list. And as always Jessen returns with five new short film reviews in "Fresh from the Festivals."

Download your copy right now!

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