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Neurones rescues Fantome

After a long struggle, Fantôme, one of Europe's premier producers of 3D animation, was put into receivership. Founded in 1985, Fantôme was a pioneer of completely computer-generated animation TV series. In addition to an Emmy, Fantôme has garnered more than 40 international prizes, and their 3D television series INSEKTORS (26 13-minute segments) has sold in 160 countries. Fantôme's assets have been bought by rising Belgian Group Neurones, a production and distribution company which produced or co-produced more than 100 half-hour shows in 1998, and in addition to numerous European studios, has just opened a new studio in Lisbon, Portugal. Neurone's goal is to continue developing Fantôme's current projects, as well as launching new projects. Current undertakings include turning the INSEKTORS TV series into a feature, and producing THE GIRAFFES, a 50 x 1-minute TV series adapted from a Mordillo comic book. Neurones kept six of Fantôme's employees, who range from computer graphic artists to 3D Research & Development personnel. The crew will continue developing work in Paris, at Neurone-France offices, where Fantôme will be a 90% filial. Fantôme president Georges Lacroix will serve as the studio's overall artistic director, as well as direct on specific projects. Production work will be done in Angouleme, France, Fantôme's new company headquarters, where Neurones already has two studios.

A year ago, in "In Peril: France's 3-D Industry," Georges Lacroix, President and Founder of Fantôme, alerted French government officials to a national problem in his open letter to them.

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For more information about Fantôme, visit their website, hosted on AWN.