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netGuru Expands Into Animation

netGuru, Inc. (formerly Research Engineers, Inc.) has expanded its netGuruDigitalmedia facilities to provide animation, production and digital media services for U.S. and offshore producers. Based in both Yorba Linda, California, U.S.A. and Calcutta, India, the company offers animation services including 2D animation, clean-up, in-betweening, digital ink and paint, 3D animation, special effects compositing, audio/video editing, and Web and interactive animation and graphics. netGuru also markets AXA Team 2D Pro, a 2D pencil test and ink and paint software package, and newly released AXA-Web. Currently, the animation house is in pre-production on its first co-production, a childrens animation TV series, ROCK N SOUL, with Burt Ring, a former director on Foxs THE FAMILY GUY. The new Calcutta studio is equipped with such software as AXA Team 2D, After Effects, Director, 3D Studio Max and Flash. The studio employs 38 animators and Web/multimedia designers. "Gurudigitalmedia maintains a strong base in ink and paint," said Justine Whitehead, production manager/animation projects. "Now our capabilities allow us to creatively and smoothly address providing content for traditional and Web-based platforms."

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