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Netflix Unveils Back to School Animation Lineup

The streamer announces its ‘Back to School Collection,’ now available, as well as new and renewed series; shows coming later this month include ‘CoComelon’ Season 6, ‘Bee and PuppyCat,’ and ‘Ada Twist, Scientist’ Season 3.

Netflix is sending kids and families back to school with a new and renewed lineup of animated series – so get your homework done early, make some popcorn, and enjoy some afterschool viewing fun!

Also, check out the now available “Back to School Collection.”

Here’s what’s going on this month and beyond - all titles and dates are subject to change:

Now streaming:

Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles: Season 2

With the Yokai no longer their enemies, Usagi and the gang enjoy a short-lived peace but soon must prepare for an invasion by evil aliens.

Coming September 5

CoComelon Season 6

Jump into a bright, colorful world where cute characters and kid-friendly tunes help little ones learn and grow! The new season special features 20 never-before-seen musical shorts.

Coming September 6

Bee and PuppyCat  

On a charming magical island, the impulsive Bee and her furry pal get up to all sorts of adventures while working for an intergalactic temp agency.

Coming September 12

Ada Twist, Scientist: Season 3

Pint-sized scientist Ada Twist and her two best friends are asking big questions — and working together to discover the truth about everything!

Coming September 15

Dogs in Space: Season 2  

Fetch — a new planet for us all! With Earth in danger, desperate scientists send genetically enhanced dogs into space to find a new world to call home.

Coming September 19

Go Dog Go: Season 3

Minions & More Volume 1

Coming September 22

Karma's World: Season 4

New songs and adventures await in Hansberry Heights as Karma rhymes her way through bigger challenges and shows up for her family, friends, and community.

Coming September 23

Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles

While investigating the legend of the mythical Pokémon Arceus, Ash, Goh, and Dawn uncover a plot by Team Galactic that threatens the world.

Coming September 26

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark  

When these sure-footed friends stick together, their magic is even better! Welcome to Equestria, where every pony belongs.

Coming October 3

Chip and Potato: Season 4

Chip’s ongoing kindergarten adventures have her trying new things, making new friends, and even traveling to new places – all with help from her secret mouse pal, Potato. (Images)

Coming October 28 – Just in time for Halloween!

Wendell & Wild

Henry Selick and Jordan Peele’s new stop-motion film is a tale about scheming demon brothers Wendell and Wild, who enlist the aid of 13-year-old Kat Elliot — a tough teen with a load of guilt — to summon them to the Land of the Living. But what Kat demands in return leads to a brilliantly bizarre and comedic adventure - an animated fantasy that defies the law of life and death, all told through the handmade artistry of stop motion.

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Source: Netflix

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