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Netflix Releases Italian Comedy ‘Tear Along the Dotted Line’ Trailer and Key Art

Written and directed by comic book author Zerocalcare, the series dives into the creator’s existential narrative reminding the viewer, ‘There’s always something worse;’ show debuts November 17.

Netflix has dropped a trailer and key art for Tear Along the Dotted Line, a brand-new Italian adult 2D animated comedy. Written and directed by the hugely popular Italian comics author Michele Reche, the series is made up of 6x15 minute episodes. Reche publishes under the pen name Zerocalcare, also the name of his most popular character. The show, Reche’s first foray into animated series, is set in his well-known narrative universe. All six episodes hit the streamer on November 17.

In a narrative full of flashbacks and anecdotes, from his childhood to the present day, Zerocalcare tells the story of a train journey with his old friends Sarah and Secco. Everything is told as an existential complaint of his own incompleteness – with every character dubbed in his own voice, except for the armadillo, who is voiced by Valerio Mastandrea.

It is with this tactic that each chapter of the story builds, a piece of a world made up of very few certainties and unshakeable friendships. When all the pieces come together in the finale, the mosaic created will surprise not only the viewer, but the protagonist as well.

Source: Netflix