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Netflix Drops ‘Charlie’s Colorforms City’ Special Trailer

The popular preschool series celebrates the art of movies with a 3-part special, ‘Mighty Movie Adventures!,’ now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix is celebrating the latest release from the popular CG preschool animated series Charlie’s Colorforms City, a three-part special, Mighty Movie Adventures! With family viewing in mind, each 11-minute episode features a nod to popular movie genres and pays homage to a classic movie.

The special episodes include “Charlie’s Super Movie Adventure,” “Charlie’s Dinosaur Movie Adventure,” and “Charlie’s Robot Space Movie Adventure.” Each part's epic movie-like experience features elevated animation style, dynamic “camera” movements, embellished musical score, stings, and sound effects.

Mighty Movie Adventures! introduces a new concept and character, the MacGuffin, a plot device in movies that drives the plot forward. The super-energetic, rainbow-colored fuzz-ball MacGuffin serves the same purpose, having fun while she steers the story across Charlie’s movie trilogy.

Check out the Mighty Movie Adventures! trailer, then head to Netflix to watch all three parts of the special.

Source: Netflix

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Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.