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Netflix and WIT Studio Partner Up for Anime Scholarship

Aspiring anime artists may apply to the WIT Animator Academy, a six-month program at Sasayuri Video Training Institute in Tokyo developed and taught in part by Studio Ghibli vet Hitomi Tateno.

All in the name of art! Netflix is teaming with anime house WIT Studio (Attack on Titan and Ghost in the Shell) to provide full scholarships at the Sasayuri Video Training Institute in Tokyo for a group of aspiring animation artists. The six month program, dubbed WIT Animator Academy, will be developed and taught in part by Studio Ghibli veteran Hitomi Tateno (Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and Howl’s Moving Castle).

Potential pupils will also be trained by the current WIT Studio staff, gaining an invaluable range of experience and knowledge. Additionally, scholarship winners will be contracted to WIT and Production IG for at least a year to work on an upcoming original Netflix anime film.

While potentially lifechanging, the scholarships are unfortunately limited to 10 individuals between ages 18 and 25 who are high school graduates living in Japan. Understanding and speaking Japanese is also a must. For those interested in the opportunity, be sure to apply on the WIT Animator Academy website by February 28.

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