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Neptuno Films Closes New Deal for ‘Tex’

RTVE acquires broadcast rights to Spanish production company’s newest animated series for pre-schoolers.

TERRASSA, SPAIN – Spanish production company Neptuno Films in coproduction with TELEVISIÓ DE CATALUNYA has announced the acquisition by RTVE rights for their new series Tex, an entertaining exploration of the world of arts and crafts. This acquisition, coming at the end of 2016 MIP-TV, enables RTVE to offer their youngest viewers a high-quality series that will familiarize children with the detectives and arts and crafts.  

Tex, aimed at pre-school kids, takes place in a pretty little village surrounded by paper trees and cardboard mountains, with a slice of orange as the sun. It's famous not for the landscape, but for its village's curious inhabitants, including Mrs. Tortoise, with her shell made of smooth river pebbles, a caterpillar made of corks, and Mr. Hedgehog, whose spikes are sharp color pencils. The oddest, funniest, most popular and eccentric character in town is Tex the donkey, the worst trainee detective in the world! Tex has to get to the bottom of mysterious disappearances; the case of the zebra who lost his stripes, or the enigmatic case of the ghost who wasn’t scary, or the baffling case of the robber who stole a rock from Mrs. Tortoise's back.

“We are very proud that RTVE has chosen to back our content in this way. We are confident that more international channels will be acquiring our latest animated series during the market. We are currently in the process of negotiating several presales contracts, which we hope to be able announce very soon,” said Neptuno Film’s co-founder and Managing Director, Cristina Brandner.

The arrival of Tex is preceded by the success of a whole generation of series from Neptuno, including Connie the Cow, Sea Princesses, Dougie in Disguise (Coproduction with RTVE) and King Arthur’s Disasters.

Source: Neptuno Films