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Nemo Poised to Conquer DVD

After breaking the box office record for animation, Disney/Pixar's beloved FINDING NEMO (Walt Disney Home Video, $29.99) sets its sights on a DVD record as well, streeting Nov. 4, 2003. The two-disc set of Pixar's computer-animated phenomenon not only looks and sounds digitally great, as you would expect, but the extras just keep getting better and better, thanks in large part to Bill Kinder, who has produced Pixar's DVDs since A BUG'S LIFE. They are witty, inventive and always informative. And those virtual aquariums are quite alluring.

Disc one, "Filmmakers' World," contains humorous audio commentary along with deleted scenes and recording sessions (these animators should do stand up). Pixar's first making-of doc provides nearly a half-hour on the inner workings of Pixar. There is also "The Art of Nemo" narrated by the artists, reminding us that it all begins with beautiful sketches. Disc two, "Family Fun," features "Exploring the Reef," a short with Jacques Cousteau's son, Jean-Michel, teaching us a few fun facts with comic relief from Marlin and Dori (Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres). Plus there's an updated tour of the Emeryville-based studio, the hilarious Pixar short, KNICK KNACK (with commentary from John Lasseter), and a sneak peek at Brad Bird's THE INCREDIBLES, which should be the talk of the holiday season next year.

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Bill Desowitz, former editor of VFXWorld, is currently the Crafts Editor of IndieWire.