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NBC's God Excommunicated

Perhaps, Neitchze was correct because GOD is dead. At least NBC's rendition of him is. The troubled toon GOD THE DEVIL AND BOB has been excommunicated from NBC's line-up. The decision to pull the series out of the line-up came in response to the lowest ratings ever for a regularly scheduled program in the Tuesday 8:30 pm time slot. Nearly 5% of the country's NBC affiliates had already pre-empted the show from their schedule for either religious concerns or they felt it just wasn't funny. Recently, advertisers were even turning their attention away from the ify animation series. The network has decided to replace GOD with reruns of live-action sitcoms JUST SHOOT ME and FRASIER. An NBC spokeswoman told the Daily Variety that the network was "very proud of this show and disappointed that it wasn't able to garner a larger audience." The Carsey-Werner-produced toon only had 4 of the 13 finished episodes air before the grim reaper came knocking. The future for the remaining un-aired episodes has not been announced.

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