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NATPE News: EMC Brings Book Properties to NATPE

David Wollos, partner of Entertainment Media Consultants will be on hand at NATPE representing a number of properties, including the animation catalog for TeleImages in France.


Headlining the properties represented, are a number of popular childrens/young adult books including:

PERFECT PIGS!: These are the pigs with attitude, out for a good time, and their philosophy in life is chill out-no worries! Developed by the hugely acclaimed author/illustrator, Nick Ward, from his HOW TO BE A PRACTICALLY PERFECT PIG book series.

BARNABY: is the star of a collection of children's books written and illustrated by Wendy W. Rouillard. Rouillard developed the character, Barnaby, through whom the viewer can all learn, explore, and enjoy the wonders of Barnaby's favorite places. Barnaby is sure to be the bear that will inspire children with valuable lessons about growing up. Currently in development as a direct-to-video, with an animated series to follow.

SNARLY SALLY: With its upbeat, lovable characters, SNARLY SALLY is targeted to a large pre-school audience, worldwide. SNARLY SALLY is a unique positive entertainment business opportunity with strong marketing potential in multiple ancillary areas. From The Maggie O'Shea Co. which develops quality Children's Concepts, providing children quality characters, which will spur young imaginations into that wondrous innocent place called childhood.

SUNN: An original manga graphic novel from the extraordinary team of Steven Roman, Kevn Lau and the legendary Alex Nino. A giant leap beyond the superhero tales of Marvel and DC Comics. This is truly a property destined for development as an enduring comic classic.

JAG: Award-winning country singer, Leann Rimes, writes her first children's book JAG, the story of a young jaguar who dreads her first day of school but learns to meet her fears head-on. All will be inspired by this winning story of a small cat who takes on peers and fears with a growl and not a whimper.

THE SNOWPEEPS OF PINE TREE GROVE: The next timeless Christmas classic has arrived. The Snowpeeps have a magical appeal that makes their very existence a wonderful concept for families to enjoy year round. Simply put, the Snowpeeps are responsible for making the snow.

CRASHED!: Stranded on a Tokien-esque planet, Alea and her robot companions transverse an exciting, perilous fantasy world searching for her missing parents and a way to return home. Created by Cryptic Entertainment, CRASHED! has the magic and mystery of THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE spiced up with the technology of LOST IN SPACE, with the find my way home story arc of THE WIZARD OF OZ.

SAMMYTOWN: The story of an underground cartoonist, Sammy T. In his world, it is hard to tell where his cartoon ends and his life begins. All that Sammy draws somehow becomes reality, with incredibly weird results. This is a unique vision created by Daniel Fenelon, and will soon be published as a graphic novel.

MONSTRUM: A maxi-series of 13 one-hour episodes that follows a family on the trail of revenge against the monsters of the world. It is set in post-WWII Europe; a time of strife, chaos and mistrust for the citizens of Germany who are now under the supportive, if not altruistic, umbrella of the Marshall Plan. They are protected by the occupying forces of their former enemies, the U.S. and British armies, while fearful of yet another invasion by the massive Soviet threat at their borders. Their very culture, history and way of life are threatened by the forced foreign democracy and outside influences of their benefactors.

NATURAL FORCES: Developed as a multi-tiered approach with pro-environmental issues, this is a tale of friendship and teamwork as Natural Forces protect the earth from those who would do it harm. This is the FCC friendly property aimed to make a difference to its intended audience, and beyond.

PIG WILLIAM: An animated series concept based on the award-winning book by Arlene Dubanevich. With an overactive imagination and a sense of fearless curiosity, every day is an adventure for Pig William, his friends and his family.

Formed in 1998, EMC is a leading consulting company specializing in childrens programming. Wollos is a founding partner of EMC, which provides consulting services in such areas as project packaging, co-production finance, licensing, distribution, sales and marketing. Clients have included Pictionary Inc., UAV, All Works Enterprises, VCI UK, Transcon, Gaumont Multimedia, Malofilm, Sebastian International Entertainment, Aston Entertainment, Abrams Gentile Entertainment, GLC Entertainment, Michael Woodward Creations, Continuity Graphics, Smart Kids Publishing, iBooks Inc., Fine Print Publishing, Beckett Entertainment, Red Rhino and Spumco Inc.

For information, please contact Wallos at 516-379-0795 or by e-mail:

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