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NATPE News: Alliance Atlantis Brings Full Plate

Alliance Atlantis has announced the full plate of series and films it will be bringing to NATPE. Executives available at the Venetian Hotel during the conference include: Ted Riley, president, distribution, Entertainment Group; Rose Marie Vega, vp, international distribution, Latin America, Entertainment Group; Roberto Prieto, sales executive, Latin America, Entertainment Group; Doug Smith, vp, television sales (English) Canada, Motion Picture Group; Rekha Shah, sales executive, television sales (English) Canada, Motion Picture Group; and Samantha Bramson, sales executive, Motion Picture Group.

POKO (32x30) is a stop-motion animation series. The show is a pre-school series that follows a fun-loving three-year-old, Poko, who is just beginning to discover the world around him with his dog, Minus, and his stuffed toy, Mr. Murphy. Each adventure features Poko confronting a childhood milestone, such as tying shoelaces or kicking a ball.

PEEP & THE BIG WIDE WORLD (26x30) is a Flash animation series that brings animated stories, science and the wonders of the world to a preschool audience. Starring a newly hatched chick and his friends, Peep celebrates being curious, being adventurous and the excitement of discovering the world.

CONNIE THE COW (104x7 or 34x30) follows a restless and curious, cow, who lives on a farm with her nurturing mother, who is always at hand to offer advice, and her father, a very strong, yet calm and reassuring bull. Connie just cannot resist poking her nose into everything, which always results in funny situations.

HENRYS WORLD (26x30) is a stop-motion series and is the winner of the 2003 Alliance for Children and Television Award of Excellence for Animation programs for ages 3-5 years. HENRYS WORLD tells the story of Henry Wiggins, an eight-year-old boy who has amazing powers whenever he eats his mothers mushy carrots.

Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. is a leading vertically integrated broadcaster, creator and distributor of filmed entertainment. For more information, visit

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