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Nathan Love Lights Things Up

The world unfolds in a brilliant animated palette in Nathan Love Director Joe Burrascano’s ‘Power for Change’ promo for energy industry up-and-comers North American Power.

The world unfolds in a brilliant animated palette in Nathan Love Director Joe Burrascano’s 2:30 Power for Change promo for energy industry up-and-comers North American Power. The brightly lit and brilliant landscape pops seamlessly from one idyllic scene to the next, complementing a narrative providing an overview of the company while emphasizing their low rates, sustainable practices and philanthropic nature. The spot is the centerpiece of a larger multi-media North American Power campaign that Nathan Love designed and developed in partnership with the Adams & Knight, an advertising agency in Avon, CT.

“Working with Nathan Love was truly remarkable,” notes Adams & Knight Chief Creative Officer Michael Asphar. “I’ve been doing this for a long time and these guys – from their collaborative ability to their sheer creativity – were nothing short of exceptional.”

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The agency approached Nathan Love with a clear vision for the campaign, asking that the studio work from two simple design elements – a single petal from the client’s logo and multi-colored lines representing power lines, communication and interconnectivity – to design a cohesive visual language illustrating North American Power’s interactive online world.

“The repetition of these brand elements created a consistency not only within the design and animation, but also within the entire user experience,” explains Burrascano. “The result was a sleek and recognizable world that would be easy for new and existing customers to identify with the brand.”

Working rapidly to meet the agency’s three-week concept-to-completion timeline, Burrascano ripped through initial storyboards and animatics in record time with the help of colleague Jim McKenzie. He then set to work with the rest of the Nathan Love team, designing and refining the animation as Drew Skinner Sound composed original music and sound design. The crew constantly adjusted the visuals to meet modifications to the script.

“This definitely moved faster than a lot of other projects,” notes Burrascano. “This incredible speed would not have been possible without such a collaborative relationship and high degree of trust with the agency. Agency creative director Michael Asphar understood the client well and gave the studio a lot of trust and guidance throughout a very fluid collaborative process. This process enabled us to work quickly, give our best ideas, and create a story that would both inform and entertain.”

Source: Nathan Love

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