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Nancy Beiman’s ‘How I Finally Got to Live a Cat's Life: A Cartoon Diary 2020-2021’ On Sale Now

Dreaming of a cat’s life? The famed animator, author, and professor chronicles her pandemic-imposed feline staycation with humor and illustrations in her newest book, now available from major booksellers.

In March 2020, the world shifted and was irrevocably changed – some people cried, some panicked, and some took to their craft. But one in particular - animator, storyboarder, illustrator, professor, and author Nancy Beiman reflected on one critical question.

That universal question, asked by cat owners worldwide, often in quiet reflection when catching a glimpse of their furry friend grooming themselves, oh so sweetly, on a stack of recently laundered and carefully folded clothing.

The question gets further consideration when cat owners are abruptly awakened late at night by the unmistakable sound of their lovable friend horfing up a hairball on the pillow and walking away without care. 

And you ask, what is the million-dollar question (you might never guess if you’re a dog person - but the rest of us, cat lovers, get it… 100%)?

Have you ever wanted to live a cat's life? And more specifically, have you ever wanted to stay home from work, eating and sleeping all day with no need to go anywhere?

Beiman got the ultimate feline Staycation when opportunity knocked (unfortunately in the form of a pandemic shut down), and she fulfilled the ultimate dream of living the life… of a cat, assisted by her two furry accomplices, Sam-E and Louie Bear.

So goes the diary of a cartoonist 'character' who chronicles her journey with good humor and illustrations in her new book “How I Finally Got to Live a Cat's Life: A Cartoon Diary 2020-2021.”

But there’s more to her feline staycation diary than just cats – you get:

  • Helpful (?) advice from Retro Influencer "Sleazy Homemaker" on Stay-at-Home New Year Celebrations and Better Socializing Through Technology
  • Holiday cards featuring Sanitize Claus and a toilet paper toting Easter Bunny
  • The vivid fantasy lives of cats Sam-E and Louie Bear
  • How the Aliens finally showed up and no one but the cat paid any attention to them
  • A Performing Duck, working the crowds as “Things Open Up Again”
  • Commemorative stamp designs for Masking, Social Distancing, and The Evolution of Covid Hair
  • If you're lost in the middle of Somewhere ... “How I Finally Got To Live A Cat's Life” is an excellent source of directions

Beiman has worked in the animation industry for 45+ years, published multiple books, animated Bugs and Donald, Snoopy and Goofy, friends of Fievel Mouse and Mickey Mouse, Don Martin's humans, and Chuck Jones' Martians. She has worked for Jack Zander, Rick Reinert, the Disney Channel, Disney television movies, Warner Bros., Bill Melendez, Gerhard Hahn, and Steven Spielberg. Find out more about Beiman on

“How I Finally Got to Live a Cat's Life: A Cartoon Diary 2020-2021” is now available from major booksellers including Amazon and Google Books.

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Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.