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MPC Vancouver Appoints Jenny Rodgers General Manager

London-headquartered VFX house boosts its Vancouver presence with the addition of executive producer Kelly L‘Estrange;  and appointment of Jenny Rodgers as general manager.

VANCOUVER, BC -- MPC VFX has announced that it has enhanced its Vancouver presence with the addition of acclaimed executive producer Kelly L’Estrange, and the appointment of Jenny Rodgers as General Manager.

These personnel developments come as MPC Vancouver continues to build on its participation in recent high-profile projects. This year, the VFX facility has contributed to a series of summer blockbuster movies that include: Suicide Squad, Independence Day: Resurgence and Ghostbusters. In addition to these recent releases, MPC Vancouver is in production with a range of exciting projects that include: Justice League and The Mummy.

The Vancouver facility remains one of the city’s leading VFX studios and MPC will continue to position Vancouver at the forefront of its business. To this end, L‘Estrange will oversee MPC's team of 500+ VFX artists. Meanwhile, Jenny Rodgers has been appointed General Manager of the Vancouver studio following her position as head of human resources and talent management at MPC. Rodgers is tasked with overseeing MPC’s long-term objectives, pursuing new initiatives, supporting the company’s global pipeline and strengthening MPC’s profile within British Columbia. 

Source: MPC VFX