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Motion Factory funded

The Motion Factory, developer of the award-winning Motivate IntelligentDigital Actor(TM) System, has announced the completion of a new round ofventure funding from BankAmerica Ventures, SofInnova, and Digital MediaGroup. With the newly committed funds totaling $2 million, The MotionFactory plans to accelerate the development of the Motivate system and willinvest in expanded customer support services. The company also recentlyannounced development is underway to support Sony PlayStation 2, SegaDreamCast, and Apple Macintosh platforms. "The Motion Factory has madeimpressive progress with Motivate, and we're delighted with the industry'sacceptance of the technology," said George Rossmann, vice president ofBankAmerica Ventures. "The company now has more than 40 major licensees,including Mindscape/Red Orb, Interplay, Pyro, Dramaera, and Human Code. Weshare their confidence in the Motivate technology." Motivate is thecompany's unique suite of tools for creating truly interactive,intelligent, 3D characters and environments for next-generation games. TheMotivate system is powered by breakthrough research in robotics andreal-time process control technology. Motivate's animation engine featuresReal-time Motion Synthesis, allowing character motion to be generatedon-the-fly in response to dynamically changing environments. Designed towork seamlessly with the animation engine, Motivate's behavior programmingframework introduces a new paradigm for creating sophisticated characterlogic. Since its founding in 1995, The Motion Factory's mission has been todevelop radically new technologies and products that empower game and othermulti-media content developers to create the next generation of richinteractive 3D content.