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Motion Array Releases Six New Plugins for Premiere Pro

New effects are customizable and can apply instantly to keyframes or across the entire sequence.

Motion Array has announced the release of six brand new effects plugins for Premiere Pro. Each of the six plugins provides a unique effect and can be applied to any footage or text asset in your video to create instant results. They work in much the same way as the premade effects built into Premiere Pro – they just need to be imported first.

From Camera Shake to Extreme Flicker, there is a wide variety of plugins to choose from. Each one is fully customizable and can apply keyframes and alter every parameter. Effects can be subtle or extreme, whatever works the project. When working across an entire sequence, the effects can be applied to an adjustment layer to alter multiple assets. Simply drag and drop the plugins from the effects panel onto the timeline; the settings can be saved as presets to be used again.

These new Motion Array Effects Plugins have been designed to make workflows as smooth and seamless as possible, while still creating high-quality results.

  • Camera Shake - To give smooth and steady shots a bit of movement add some artificial camera shake to get things going. Apply it to a tripod shot to help it match other footage or increase the intensity of an existing handheld shot.
  • Bad Signal - This effect makes it appear as if the shot is coming through an analog signal. Great for footage that needs to be comped into an old TV set, or to end a sequence in a stylish way. The effect adds noise and distortion to lower the overall quality of the footage.
  • RGB Offset – Gives footage stylized color shifts, offsetting the red, green, and blue channels. Can be applied as a subtle or an extreme color shift depending on the desired result.
  • Extreme Flicker - Apply to footage to create an erratic, abstract look; an effect that is seen in horror films. It is a fast flickering that inverts the image and adds colored frames, creating an intense visual style.
  • Slasher - This plugin is used to carve up your text or footage into slices which move independently. This is a stylistic effect; applied to an adjustment layer to match the effect across multiple clips on the timeline.
  • Chromatic Abberation - This is effect is usually caused by imperfect lenses. Chromatic aberration slightly warps the image, creating a distorted and unusual look. Change the parameters and the keyframes in the Effects Controls panel to get the result you want.

To get started with Motion Array effect plugins in Premiere Pro click here.

To get additional information visit the Motion Array website.

Source: Motion Array