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A cloud has eclipsed the world of animation since the passing of belovedvoice-over actress, Mary Kay Bergman. A prolific artist, she has recentlyprovided the voice for Daphne Blake in the two most recent SCOOBY-DOOdirect-to-video flicks; Batgirl/Barbara Gordon in BATMAN: SUBZERO; and allbut one of the female voices on Comedy Central's SOUTH PARK. She is alsobeen the "official" voice of Disney's Snow White since 1989. Mrs. Bergmanhad recently received an Annie Award nomination for her work in the SOUTHPARK feature. Many questions surrounding the details of her passing havesurfaced since fans logged onto her Web site which only reads, "InMemoriam. Mary Kay Bergman. (1961-1999)." After speaking with Mrs.Bergman's attorney, Robert Harrison, Animation World Network is sad toreport that Mrs. Bergman's official cause of death has been ruled asuicide. Mrs. Bergman took her own life on Thursday, November 11, 1999 inher West Los Angeles home. She is survived by her mother, Patricia McGowenand husband Dino Andrade. "She was a 'larger-than-life' character, funny,outgoing, loving, friendly to a fault, beloved, admired and respected byall, and with a talent that will remain unparalleled," reflects herhusband. "[Her work for South Park] led to this gentle creature getting tolive out her life's dream of stepping out of a limo and walking the'premiere night' red carpet of Mann's Chinese Theatre dressed as a princess-- unfortunately, she was also a victim of mental illness," Andradeexplains. Her illness was a secret which Mrs. Bergman hid from everyoneincluding her family and friends. "She was haunted by demons, irrationalfears, and unfathomable pain," says Andrade and he adds -- "If you are inpain, fear, depression or despair, you must seek help. If this plea canreach just one person, and help them to see the light in the darkness thenI will know that Mary Kay's death was not a waste but a sacrifice so thatanother might live." If you wish to honor Mrs. Bergman's memory please senddonations to -- The Mary Kay Bergman Memorial Fund c/o The SuicidePrevention Center, 4760 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230. Please makecheck payable to Suicide Prevention Center -- In memory of Mary Kay Bergman.

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