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Monster Distributes To Launch Animated Series Ben And Izzy At MIPCOM

From Jordan comes a unique animation series that follows the adventures of two pre-teens and a genie. BEN AND IZZY, the long anticipated state-of-the-art CGI animation series, will be showcased during MIPCOM 2008 by distributor Monster.

The new highly acclaimed animation series is created by Rubicon, a pioneering 2D and 3D animation/CGI, e-education, and interactive multimedia company based in Amman, Jordan.

BEN & IZZY is designed for children ages 6-11 and follows the adventures of two pre-teens and a genie. Ben, an American and Izzy, a Jordanian, first meet each other at their grandfathers' archeological site in Petra. They immediately share a disliking to each other and feel that their summer vacation will be long and tough.

But while wandering through Petra one day, Ben and Izzy stumble upon a tomb, releasing a trapped spirited genie -- Yasmine- (Lucy Liu, CHARLIE'S ANGELS), who has the power to travel through time and is determined to save the world's precious heritage from the evil schemes of Mr. Clutchford Wells and his gum-popping, judo air-kicking sidekick, Roxanne. Ben and Izzy quickly forget their differences and join Yasmine to defeat the scheming Mr. Wells who is trying to steal as many precious historic relics as he and can in order to make a fortune by selling them at auction.

Like RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, many perilous journeys await BEN & IZZY in the television and DVD series. And yet, adversity brings many rewards to the pair. In each episode they get to meet famous historical figures from the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East; people who made significant contributions to our modern way of life, no matter where in the world we live.

While adventuring through time and place, learning about the past and its value, Ben and Izzy also grow to appreciate each other and respect their respective cultures. The lesson from each episode is that "ultimately we don't have to be the same to get along!"

BEN & IZZY has already enjoyed excellent viewership and attention in the Middle East and North Africa after the Arabic version (BEN AND ISSAM) was premiered on MBC Group Network's MBC3.