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Mondo Media Summons Six New Series

Mondo Media has announced that it will produce six new original Web shows. The Internet content provider will be unveiling the six new Mondo Mini Shows at their booth at World Animation Celebration's Tradeshow and Recruitment Expo in Los Angeles. "We are very proud of our new lineup and believe it reflects our commitment to creating character-based, witty animated shows for audiences both on-line and off," said John Evershed, co-founder and CEO of Mondo Media. "We are confident that our affiliates will get fantastic response from their respective audiences and we look forward to debuting our shows at this year's World Animation Celebration." The first series is entitled PIKI & POKO ADVENTURES IN STARLAND and combines friendship, adventure, horoscopes and some funky DJ mixing. Mark Ewert and David Cutler created PIKI AND POKO. HAPPY TREE FRIENDS follows the mishaps of the cute, cuddly animals whose daily adventures always end up going horribly wrong. Created by Peter Herrmann, TRAILER COURT watches the exploits of the residents of Chez D Trailer Park who look to their matriarchal village elder, Miss Evelynn Dupree, to solve their conflicts with her own style of home-spun justice. DADDI journeys to America with a Middle Eastern rug salesman and his family as they try to make a new life for themselves. Based on fashion designer Paul Franks clothing characters, JULIUS & FRIENDS follows the adventures of Julius, the world's coolest monkey and Clancy, the world's only miniature giraffe. Xeth Feinberg will bring his award-winning 1920s-style character Bulbo to Mondo Media. Currently airing on Lycos TV, BULBO follows the title character as he travels through worlds real and imagined. Currently, Mondo Media produces the hit Web series THE GOD AND DEVIL SHOW, LIKE, NEWS and THUGS ON FILM, which will soon be transformed into a TV series for BBC America.

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