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‘Mojicons’ Series Launches on YouTube

Ink Global partners with MoMedia to launch animated digital series ‘The Mojicons.’

LONDON – Ink Global has announced the launch of the hit animated series The Mojicons on YouTube thanks to a deal with digital distributor and content management company MoMedia.

The Mojicons looks behind-the-scenes of the internet where the Mojicons, the innumerable emoticons that grace our emails and text messages, live. Sadly, this zany bunch of condensed emotions is clueless about how the Web works! When a mysterious digital villain steals the @ symbol, all electronic correspondence grinds to a halt. The Mojicons must undertake an awe-inspiring and dangerous quest to restore their system. Trouble is, they don’t know what their “system” actually is! Many a jaw will drop on both sides of the screen as the internet universe reveals its secrets to both the Mojicons and the kids watching their crazy adventures.

MoMedia unleashed The Mojicons onto YouTube on Friday, October 7th, with a special version featuring special content supporting the launch.

 “We are delighted that MoMedia is introducing The Mojicons to YouTube,” says Ink Global Director Claus Tømming. “This gives kids everywhere access to a show that is doing something very different and original, so I’m sure it will be a YouTube sensation!”

Source: Ink Global