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Mo-cap studio hOuse of mOves has moved

One of the largest motion capture studios in the world, hOuse of mOves (HOM), has moved to a larger facility in Marina del Rey, California, situated near Los Angeles International Airport. The larger space includes a 3,500-square foot stage with a 24-foot ceiling, along with an additional 3,500 sq. ft. of space for executive offices and conference rooms. HOM has also upgraded their motion capture hardware to include a new system with 12 cameras capturing at anywhere from 60-240 frames per second. "We upgraded to the Vicon8 because it is the best system on the market," said Tom Tolles, founder and president of hOuse of mOves. "With the ability to go up to 24 cameras (more than any commercial motion capture system on the market), we have found that the data fidelity and integrity are unsurpassed." The new address and phone number for HOM is:

hOuse of mOves

5318 McConnell Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310) 306-6131