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MMC Brainville Adopts PipelineFX’s Qube!

Polish multimedia and IT tech location takes advantage of Qube! rendering solution for visual effects, animation, and video editing companies.

LOS ANGELES -- PipelineFX has announced the adoption of Qube! at MMC Brainville, one of Poland’s most advanced technology parks. The production render farm manager now currently prioritizes the workloads of 30 companies producing visual effects, animation and video edits for regional and global customers. This is Qube!’s second major deployment in a global tech park following the Jiangye announcement in 2015.

Launched in 2014, MMC Brainville gives Polish multimedia and IT companies’ access to a shared environment, filled with like-minded firms and amenities that bring all of their costs down. One lure is a linked render farm, which helps the companies to turn out their work on predictable timelines, without forcing them to also make a capital investment in hardware.

“When we analyzed costs, community opinion, implementation options and future development needs - Qube! came out on top,” said Leszek Skocki, IT Director at MMC Brainville. “Now we use it to ensure efficiency across the network.”

Like Jiangye, MMC Brainville looked to Qube! because of its day-to-day benefits. “Live statistics and the ability to easily integrate it with our job submission software are very important to us,” stated Skocki. “Being able to track who is using the farm at any given time keeps prioritization queues simple and easy to keep on track.”

Staying on track also means providing access to the farm in the future for companies who are working off-site. Using Qube! MobileView, site employees will be able to monitor the render farm remotely, tracking essential project elements like the current status of their render jobs. Qube!’s ability to incorporate secure VPNs will also allow those same employees to send renders from abroad, ensuring that the queue is always filled with the latest output.

“Many companies are currently feeding into the farm, but we could double that number and still be running at top speed,” added Skocki. “Even though our pipeline is always changing, Qube! rarely seems to have a problem dealing with new elements. Our goal was to make the farm manager invisible. It just has to work all of the time and with Qube!, you get that.”

A changing pipeline meant Qube! would have to work well with all the leading 3D products. Autodesk’s Maya, 3ds Max and Softimage, as well as Blender, Cinema 4D, Maxwell Render, After Effects and V-Ray are all being used at Brainville; and thanks to dedicated job types, Qube! worked smoothly with all of them.

“Without management, our render farm would be a nightmare,” noted Skocki. “When you are working on VFX, animation, video editing, and rendering for both external and internal clients, planning and optimizing time become a big deal to you. After we put it into use, we knew why Qube! has become so popular. It’s easy to like something you can count on.”

Source: PipelineFX