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Mission & Storm X-cite The International Box Office

With more summer blockbusters arriving in international theatres, the old guard is weaning. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2, however, is still strong, finishing atop the charts in Italy, Sweden Japan and Spain. In its second week, M:I 2 grossed another US$700,928 in Italy, raising its cume to $6.82 million. GLADIATOR is losing its power, slipping a spot in Italy to finish at #4 with a gross of $103,693, bringing its Italian cume to $8.64 million. In Sweden, GLADITOR also finished in 4th place with a gross of $217,952, advancing its cume to $3.93 million. The fight for #1 in Sweden was between MISSION and GONE IN 60 SECONDS. M:I 2 won with a gross of $1.03 million, raising its cume to $1.5 million, leaving 60 SECONDS in second with a gross of $329,089, bringing its cume to $2 million. Holding to the ninth slot in Sweden was POKEMON THE FIRST MOVIE, adding $38,292 to its $1.23 million cume. In Japan, the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE sequel garnered $2.35 million at #1, advancing its cume in Japan to $9.97 million. The sly spy pic successfully fought off the debut of STUART LITTLE, which grossed $625,811 in second. Slipping to third in the Land of the Rising Sun, POKEMON 3 added $538,149 to its cume of $1.79 million. Making its descent also was GLADIATOR, with a gross of $282,682, advancing its Japanese cume to $4.89 million. Last weeks counter programming attempt to stifle POKEMON 3s debut, TOEI ANIME FAIR, featuring DIGIMON, dropped from 5th to 8th place, with a gross of $153,936, raising its cume to $474,491. Making a weak premiere in Japan, THE TIGGER MOVIE came in at #10, with a gross of $122,466. In Spain, M:I 2s debut defeated STUART LITTLE to finished in first place. Making four times what LITTLE grossed in second, the John Woo-actioner racked up $4.54 million, to the valiant vermins $1.23 million ($5 million cume). Making its decline GLADIATOR slipped to third, with a gross of $789,541, bringing its cume to $13.83 million. Staying steady in 5th place, THE TIGGER MOVIE added another $227,934 to its $455,419 Spanish cume. Falling to 6th after its first full week in theatres, SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT grossed an additional $208,118, raising its cume to $444,014. Elsewhere, DINOSAUR squished the competition in Brazil and Hong Kong. Disneys prehistoric eye-popper brought in $1.72 million in Brazil, raising its cume to $4.35 million. MISSION couldnt bare the weight of Disneys behemoth-sized blockbuster, falling to second with a gross of $1.34 million, bringing its Brazilian cume to $6.94 million. Still clinging on to 4th place, GLADIATOR grabbed another $421,180, raising its cume to $7.48 million. Both FLINTSTONES VIVA ROCK VEGAS and TITAN A.E. had lackluster debuts finishing in fifth and sixth respectively.

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