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Mission To Planet 429 Launches At MIPCOM

WTTW National Productions has partnered with Roman Coppola's Directors Bureau to launch MISSION TO PLANET 429. WTTW National Productions will introduce the new mixed media comedy adventure series for children ages 6-9 at MIPCOM 2008. The property is planned to premiere with 104x11 minute episodes (or 52 half hours) on U.S. public television and in other media platforms and in markets worldwide in 2010.

The retro sci-fi MISSION TO PLANET 429 focuses on the twists and turns of two rookie intergalactic "Earthsplorers" attempting to succeed on their various missions in order to save their planet from peril. Because they have no previous knowledge of Earth, every adventure opens their eyes to something entirely new. As the pair stumble through their assignments, they often misunderstand even the basic realities of daily life on planet Earth -- which leads to ridiculous and hilarious moments in every episode.

MISSION TO PLANET 429 is a multi-platform immersive experience. An interactive website, as well as gaming and other traditional and new media content will bring the property to life well beyond the television screen. MISSION TO PLANET 429 will also be supported by an extensive licensing and merchandising campaign.

MISSION TO PLANET 429 will encourage children to develop their reading and comprehension skills as they tackle informational text. The project is partially funded through a Ready to Learn grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Innovation and Improvement.

In addition to Coppola, the creative team includes four-time Emmy Award winning head writer Jonathan Collier and Oscar-nominated Production Designer Nathan Crowley. Collier's credits include writer and co-executive producer for MONK and producer on THE SIMPSONS. Crowley most recently served as production designer for the smash hit theatrical release THE DARK KNIGHT.

"What makes this such an exciting project are the unique creative elements that Roman Coppola and the Directors Bureau bring to the table," said C. Parke Richeson, Executive in Charge of National Programming, WTTW. "This is a huge step forward for WTTW as we move aggressively into producing original children's programming for the national and international market."

Coppola said, "MISSION TO PLANET 429 will be truly innovative in both its look and feel and its storylines. I created PLANET 429 to be the type of show I would have loved when I was 8 years old."