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Mirada Studios Delves into Cornelia Funke’s 'MirrorWorld'

Mirada Studios gives bestselling author Cornelia Funke’s dark, lush worlds a new dimension with an interactive app.


Making a hit at this year’s FMX Conference, bestselling author Cornelia Funke gave her keynote presentation, “Reckless - the world behind the mirror and its app” on Tuesday, April 23, to a packed house. The presentation delved into the mobile application developed by Mirada Studios to explore the universe of Funke’s celebrated “MirrorWorld” series.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to Stuttgart, Fast Company’s Co.Create has an in-depth look at the app, which provides users with a visually tangible concept of the world behind the mirror that Funke illustrated with pencil sketches in her books.

More than a self-contained e-book, MirrorWorld, created by multiplatform storytelling company Mirada, is a story world extension that brings to life the many characters, backstories, and more detail-oriented elements from Funke’s books Reckless and Fearless.

Told in tales that are original to the app, fans of the series discover the origin of how Jacob Reckless became a treasure hunter and how his mentor Albert Chanute lost his arm to an ogre. Readers can peruse Chanute’s treasure list, read a detailed journal of various ogre types, or pore over an illustrated botanical guide of "Mischievous & Miraculous" plants.

Learn more about this fascinating transmedia project at Fast Co.Create.

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