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MIPCOM Preview: The World Converges On Cannes

MIPCOM, the International Film and Programme Market for TV, Video, Cable and Satellite, hits Cannes, France on October 2 6, 2000. MIPCOM facilitates programme sales, deals, new contacts and joint ventures on a global basis. MIPCOM includes a five-day TV industry tradeshow, including a conference progamme on Television in the New Economy called MIPCOM: The International Trading Floor. MIPCOM brings together producers, distributors, broadcasters, Webcasters, worldwide cable and satellite operators, buyers, co-producers and investors from around the globe. Conference discussions will tackle topics such as: what is the impact of convergence and digital technologies on TV production and delivery?; IPO, how does it work?; business-models: what do venture capital organizations look for when investing in TV content production?; what does TV expect from New Media and vice versa?; managing rights in the New Economy: legal, marketing and protection issues. In 1999, MIPCOM had 10,571 participants, 2,587 companies, 1,133 exhibiting companies, 2,587 program buyers and 418 journalists from 88 countries attend. The 8th edition of MIPCOM Junior, Youth Programming Screenings will take place right before MIPCOM on September 30 - October 1. MIPCOM Junior offers producers and distributors the opportunity to screen their programs to more than 400 specialized buyers from around the world. For more information on the event visit

Check out our special MIPCOM preview of animated programs offered by several production companies and distributors. First read what they are presenting and then check them out at MIPCOM.

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