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MIPCOM News: Rainbow Puts Designs on WINX CLUB, Monster Allergy

Rainbow Animation and RAI Fiction have employed fashion designers to catch the eye of buyers and viewers in the new animated offering, WINX CLUB, a 26 half-hour series featuring stylish fairies and cool boys training to be juristic knights.

Premise is about three schools for fairies, witches and boys. Bloom, a fairy in training from Earth and her four schoolmates form the WINX Club to combat their enemies, the witches. The boys lend their aid to the WINX Club in the crusade to eradicate evil.

This is a show that will catch the excitement of kids worldwide, said Rainbow ceo Iginio Straffi. We have created a completely unique look for this show which combines anime with western style animation. Boys will thrill to the action sequences and girls will love our heroines and want to emulate them in every way.

To make the WINX CLUB more appealing, Rainbow employed Italian fashion designers to create the look of the characters, their clothing, as well as accessories and gadgets, plus coordinate the color scheme and graphics of the presentation.

Straffi originated the concept and serves as exec producer and director of the 2D/3D hybrid series, available for first quarter of 2004. Rainbow recently closed a deal with 4Kids Entertainment to run WINX CLUB on the Fox Box Network.

Rainbow hopes MIPCOM Jr. screeners will find its MONSTER ALLERGY contagious when they sample the 26 half-hour series about a 10-year-old boy who can see the world of monsters. Targeted for kids 6-11, the series is based upon the comic book of the same name, featuring the boy, Zick, who uses his supernatural powers to tame monsters.

The show had a successful launch in France in April 2003, and will soon appear on other European countries airwaves soon, according to Straffi.

The monster tamer can see ghosts as well, including apparitions of his dear, departed grandparents. Imagine the confusion as he sees all these invisible characters alongside real people in the visible world. Monsters and ghosts line up for buses, wait for green lights and sip cappuccino next to us, but only Zick can see them. Those who cant see them, frequently bump into them, step on them and even run over them with a car.

Rainbow Animation (, founded in 1995 by Straffi, is based in Loreto Italy with a satellite office in Singapore. Straffi and his Rainbow corps will be at MIPCOM booth R33.01.