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MIPCOM announcements

The tradeshow for television programming producers and distributors takesplace October 4-8 in Cannes, France. Basque, Spain-based animation studioIRUSOIN is nearing completion of KARRAMARRO (CRAB ISLAND), a made fortelevision animated feature with rights available for worldwide TV andvideo release. The original story is about a group of kind, song-lovingpirates, focused on luckless Dimitri, a pirate who cannot sing, and aparrot who is the only clue to tracking down a fabulous pirate's treasure.CRAB ISLAND will be shown at MIPJR and MIPCOM99. The film was directed byJoxan Muñoz and Txabi Basterretxea and the animation was produced bySpain-based Lotura Films, Stromboly, Dirus, Al Oeste and Dibulitoon. . .Toronto-based NELVANA is producing thirteen episodes of MAGGIE AND THEFEROCIOUS BEAST. The series is based on the children's book by Betty andMichael Paraskevas. It is set in an imaginary place called Nowhere Landwhere, Maggie, a five year old girl, and her stuffed animals, the FerociousBeast and Hamilton Hocks, "climb the highest mountains, cross the widestdeserts, sing loud and harmoniously, and savor the sweet spice of a pumpkinpie." Nelvana will offer the series, which has yet to be sold, at MIPCOM.