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MIP-TV News: Mainframe Sails into MIP-TV with Popeye and Others

Mainframe Ent. will be sailing into MIP-TV with new CG special POPEYES VOYAGE: THE QUEST FOR PAPPY as well as episodes of the new series BINOMES and BEAT FREAKS at booth 09.06.

Available for sale in the U.K., Australia and Canada, POPEYES VOYAGE: THE QUEST FOR PAPPY is the first ever production of Popeye in CGI. The worlds favorite spinach-slinging sailor takes to the high seas in a voyage to rescue the father who abandoned him as a child. The Christmas special is available in both a 22- and 44-minute version. Actor/comedian Paul Reiser (MAD ABOUT YOU) and Jim Hardison (GARY AND MIKE) co-wrote the project with Reiser, along with King Features Syndicates Rick Karo and Frank Caruso, serving as exec producer.

Academy Award-winner Kathy Bates (MISERY, TITANIC) will voice Popeyes nemesis, the Sea Hag/Siren and voice over veteran Billy West (REN & STIMPY) will bring life to Popeye. In addition, Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh (PEE-WEES PLAYHOUSE, RUGRATS, GROOVEIANS), has been brought on to provide the project's score and to produce an updated version of the classic Popeye the Sailor Man theme song.

BINOMES is a new CGI pre-school series, which follows a group of mischievous characters as they live, work and enjoy life inside of a computer. Mainframe will have 26 11-minute episodes available.

BEAT FREAKS follows a group of young monster misfits who are not quite the rampaging ghouls their parents had hoped for. Lead by the passionate and poetic Deloris, the group forms a band and begins to realize that they can be whatever they want to be. Mainframe will have 26 half-hour episodes available.

Also coming to MIP-TV with Mainframe is TONY HAWK S.H.A.D.E., a CGI three-part television mini series and feature-length direct-to video release based on skateboarding pro Tony Hawk, who has risen to fame over the last decade with his astonishing skateboarding abilities, top-selling pro-skater videogames and numerous television commercials. All rights worldwide are available to this project.

Mainframe Ent. is best known as a pioneer of computer-animated television series for the groundbreaking REBOOT and the award-winning BARBIE AS RAPUNZEL direct-to-video feature, and is producing 13 episodes of SPIDER-MAN for Sony Pictures Television. Mainframe was recently purchased by IDT Entertainment. For more information, visit

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