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MIP TV 2000 Scored A Hit With Over 11,000 Participants

11,111 participants representing 2,776 companies from 100 countries

gathered in Cannes for the 37th edition of MIP TV which closed on

Friday April 14, 2000. The countries most represented in terms of

stands were: France (191), US (188), UK (177), Canada (85) and

Germany (76). In terms of participating companies the countries most

represented were: UK (443), France (422), US (372), Germany (173) and

Canada (139); more than 500 of them came from media and Internet

sectors. These record attendance figures show that the television

industry has entered a new area, with the linking of television and

Internet and the convergence of audiovisual content and multimedia.

Many of the discussions presented at MIP TV centered on this topic.

During his keynote address "Visions for Digital Media in the 21st

Century," Werner Lauff, president and chief executive at German media

giant Bertelsmann Broadband Group, said: "Content is king. It was, it

is, it will always be. But the context will change. The appearance,

the usage, the production and delivery of content will change. And if

you are in the content business, you should have in mind that you

might only survive if you put your content in a new context." The

future of content and programming in the digital age will certainly

be discussed again at MIPCOM 2000, the Fall rendez-vous for the

Television industry. MIPCOM 2000 will be held October 2-6, 2000 at

the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. For more information, visit