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Minnow Mountain is Hiring: Artists Can Work Safely and Start Remotely

Austin, Texas-based studio has a number of job openings and is currently looking for animation, compositing, and editing talent that is local or can work remotely. 

Minnow Mountain, the Emmy Award-winning studio behind Tower and Amazon’s groundbreaking animated series, Undone, is currently looking for talent to work on a number of projects including Undone Season 2. While the studio is based in Austin, Texas, they’ve successfully adapted a safe, remote work pipeline and are looking to bring on additional artists.

Currently, they have openings for a Digital Filmmaker / Compositor / Editor, Lead 2D Animator, and Staff 2D Animator. Click here for the latest Minnow Mountain job postings in AWN’s Career Connections!

Craig Staggs and Steph Swope founded Minnow Mountain to create groundbreaking material for feature films and television. The studio’s work displays a unique vision and personality but is rooted in traditional creative processes. Everything is turbo charged with an insane work ethic. The studio is proud to be the animation team behind Tower, an Emmy-winning animated documentary, and looks forward to continuing as the rotoscope team for Season 2 of the Amazon Prime series Undone. They’re also “beyond excited” to start work on a new rotoscoped film with a storyline based in their home state of Texas.

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Minnow Mountain’s YouTube channel has numerous reels highlighting their work. We selected one to share - check out their 2019 reel below:

While you’re scouting, visit for all our latest AWN Career Connect job postings!

Here are Minnow Mountain’s handles:

Instagram: @minnowmountain

Facebook: @minnowmountain

Twitter: @MinnowMountain

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