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Millimages Launches New Shows at MIPCOM

Millimages is heading to MIPCOM 2012 with brand new property “Me and My Robot” and a new series of award-winning show “64 Zoo Lane.”

Paris, France -- Millimages is heading to MIPCOM 2012 with brand new property Me and My Robot and a new series of award-winning show 64 Zoo Lane. International presales have also been secured for both properties in the run up to the market.

Animated series Me and My Robot (52 x 13-minute) is a co-production between Millimages, Synergy Media and Canal J. Currently in production, the first 26 episodes will be delivered in November with the remainder scheduled for April 2013. Originally commissioned by France Television, Canal J and EBS, the show has already started its international roll-out with pre-sales in place with ABC Australia, SVT Sweden, NRK Norway, DR Denmark and VRT Belgium.

Millimages handles worldwide television and licensing rights to the property excluding Asia which is represented by Synergy Media.

Series 4 of 64 Zoo Lane is also making its debut at MIPCOM. Commissioned by CBeebies in the UK and France 5, 104 x 11’ episodes are now available. Millimages has already signed a raft of presales for the new series with ABC Australia, SVT Sweden, NRK Norway, DR Denmark and Zeppelin Holland.

Millimages has worldwide rights to the show and has secured a deal with BBC Worldwide for global licensing rights for the property, excluding the French-speaking World.

Me & My Robot explores the topsy turvy life of a group of friends in a high-tech robotic school.

Eugene, the hero of the show, is one of the students and a robotic genius who has built his own robot called C.H.I.P.  Although a robot, and put together with meticulous care and devotion from various salvaged parts, C.H.I.P. shows human traits such as resourcefulness, curiosity and humour.

Together, along with Eugene’s best friends, Maia and Joseph, they are forever getting into misadventure when relying on their ingenuity (or sometimes lack of it) to try and resolve an issue that arises over the course of their daily school life.

In 64 Zoo Lane, Lucy has some very unusual neighbours. They have horns, humps, fur, feathers, hooves and claws... they are the animals of a zoo!

Each night, thanks to her friend Georgina the giraffe, who fetches her from her bed, Lucy meets the animals in the zoo and listens to their stories. Nelson the elephant, Molly the hippopotamus, Boris the bear, each one at a time they tell her a story based in their natural habit. There is the one about Snowbert the polar bear who felt a bit too lonely, there is the one about Zed the Zebra who thought he could run faster than everyone, there is the one about Kevin the kind crocodile, or the one about Georgina the giraffe who pretended she was a diva...

From the ice field to the savannah, in each episode, kids discover a new, funny and touching animal!

Source: Millimages