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‘Mila’ Short Raises $28K with Crowdfunding Campaign

Five years in the making, CG-animated short film directed by Cinzia Angelini and boasting a crew of more than 250 artists working around the globe is about the collateral damage of war on children.

A collaborative project with more than 250 artists working remotely from all around the globe, Mila is a CG-animated short directed by Cinzia Angelini that spotlights the collateral damage of war on children.

With support from UNICEF, the short film aims to spark conversations around the world about what is happening to the millions of children caught in the crossfire of war. Mila also offers a universal message of hope, perseverance and compassion, taking viewers on an emotional ride using powerful visuals and a captivating orchestrated piece.

Set during World War II, the CG animated short film is a complex and unusual subject for animation. The story is of a little girl named Mila, and is set in 1943, during the bombing of Trento, Italy. It focuses on the collateral damage affecting the civilian population, especially the children. Based on childhood stories Angelini’s mother and grandmother shared with her, the film was inspired by tales of her mother during the War, when she was Mila’s age.

More than five years in the making, Mila is in its final year of production, and to help the film see its finish the filmmaking team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. With a flexible spending goal of $60,000, the campaign launched on May 10th and is almost to the halfway mark, raising more than $28,000 to date. With campaign perks and rewards including t-shirts, pins, kites (!), books, artwork and a Mila maquette doll, the campaign ends on July 9th.

Check out a teaser for the short film in the player below:

And here is a brief behind-the-scenes peek at the recording of the score for the teaser in Rome:

As the writer and director of Mila, Angelini has worked as an animator and story artist in feature productions for more than twenty years with feature credits including work on Spider-Man 2Prince of Egypt, Eldorado, Bolt and Minions, among many others. Mila is being produced by former Bento Box production coordinator and Disney Interactive game designer Andrea Emmes, with Valerio Oss serving as executive producer and visual effects supervisor alongside executive producers Valentina Martelli and Andy Gahan.


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