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‘Miffy’ Embarking on New Paths in Germany

Mercis partners with m4e to establish ‘Miffy’ as a lifestyle brand in German-speaking territories.

MUNICH -- The classic licensing brand Miffy is undergoing a repositioning process in the German-speaking market. The German brand management and media company m4e AG focuses its marketing activities to adjust Miffy as a lifestyle brand, targeting young women, mothers, babies and kids. The brand’s international owner and licensor, Amsterdam-based company, Mercis  is excited about this new strategy.

“We are sure that m4e will manage to establish Miffy as a brand by setting new impulses in the market. First responses from the licensing industry are very promising,” said Marja Kerkhof, Managing Director at Mercis.

In order to achieve its licensing goals m4e will concentrate on a social media campaign to build a solid base of fans and consumers. By utilizing Miffy’s online presence on website, webshop, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and by reaching relevant influencers m4e wants to generate a wide brand recognition. The campaign will make use of the overall, strong and modern values of the Miffy brand.

The radiance of the brand has already attracted the well-known retailers H&M and C&A that offered Miffy apparel collections in fall 2016. Now m4e is striving to add more licensees to the brand’s licensing roster for the German-speaking territories.

Regarding Studio 100 N.V. taking over the majority of m4e AG, the brand’s international owner and licensor Mercis BV is absolutely positive about the new company constellation and “…looking very much forward to new opportunities in the continued cooperation under this new circumstances, given the fact that m4e and Mercis as Miffy’s brand owner are longtime, successful business partners,” added Marja Kerkhof.

At the international level, season 3 of the preschool TV series Miffy’s Adventures. Big and Small with 26 delightful new stories will be available for broadcasters in July 2017, distributed by m4e.

Source: m4e AG