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Mifa Gives Animation Industry Award to Women in Animation

Group is the first organization to win the honor, which highlights those who have contributed to change in the animation industry. 

The annual Mifa market, held in conjunction with the Annecy International Animation Festival, is giving its 2018 Animation Industry Award to Women in Animation.

"The Annecy International Animation Film Festival/Mifa is the most important global gathering of the entire animation industry,” says Marge Dean, president of Women in Animation. “It is a tremendous honor for Women in Animation to be recognized by Annecy for our work in opening the doors of our industry to all people with a focus on diversity, inclusion and belonging. Mifa's continued support of WIA and our Women in Animation World Summit at Annecy have played a key role in our growth and influence as an organization."

"After the 2015 Festival put the spotlight on women in animation, we are delighted to give this prize to Women in Animation and, through this association, to all organizations who work for the equal status of women in the animation sector,” says Mickaël Marin, head of Mifa. “This award is once again a demonstration of Annecy’s engagement to raise awareness and put into practice a real sense of equality within organizations."

The mission of WIA is to bring together a global community of animation professionals to empower and support women in the art, science and business of animation by increasing access to resources, creating opportunities for education, encouraging strong connections between individuals, and inspiring excellence.

With an uninterrupted growth spanning nearly 10 years, Mifa, now organized over four days, welcomes more than 3,000 accredited producers, distributors and broadcasters every year.

Created in 2015 for the 30th anniversary of Mifa, the Animation Industry Award aims to highlight the people who have contributed to the changes in the animation industry through their achievements, investments and reflections.

The second annual Women in Animation World Summit will be held June 11 at Mifa at the Impérial Palace and will feature a day-long symposium of panels and discussions focused on the theme of inclusion.

Source: Annecy, Mifa, WIA

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